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Gregory Berns spent his entire life around dogs. So when his most beloved pet passed away, he began to wonder whether his dog reciprocated the same love and care he felt for him. As a neuroscientist at Emory University, he took his curiosity to the test. Now, he scans the brains of dogs using MRI machines, trying to decode canine behavior using brain activity. These cats have probably didn't get enough "Cat Nap" yesterday Failblog cheezburger dating page totally understand.

These guys weren't ready for the dating world. Life Hack: make sure you got more than failblog cheezburger dating page bucks in your bank account before trying to buy a girl dinner. The standard, "oops I didn't mean to" isn't going to begin to cover these anger-inspired moments of impulsiveness. In a recent interview, Daniel Radcliffe admitted that girls whose ladyparts are completely shaven "freak me out," and that, "You have to have something, otherwise it's f-cking creepy. A soft downy place to stick his wand. A furry sheath for his Sword of Gryffindor. Yeah, you know. They say that the four essential virtues of a successful relationship are honesty, trust, respect, and communication.

Ready to smile? Each week we are featuring the newly adopted pets of the week! From kittens and puppies to families and seniors! Is there a lovelier sight than an animal being adopted?! We wholeheartedly thank those who have adopted, providing animals with a loving, comfortable and warm home.
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Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5 memes and tweets are here! The internet did not disappoint, as we get that much closer to the final episode. Things got real fiery in tonight's episode, failblog cheezburger dating page the internet was left feeling some type of way about how Dany Targaryen decided to handle things in tonight's battle. Let's just say she got mad When twitter user, ForwardNotBackvisited this fancy restaurant few days ago, he noticed a young couple on their first date. Scroll down and see for yourself how a waiter's million dollar gesture gave this young couple their perfect evening. Happy Caturday everyone!

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When this parking lot " Karen " decided she'd cut a guy off who actually needed the disabled parking lot spot, he maintained composure, and took one very satisfying and clever revenge on her. To make matters even better, he waited around to hear the extent to which she proceeded to lose her shit. Let's just say she had one definite emotional explosion. It doesn't get much better than a sweet headline fail. We're happy when someone screws up, but when someone makes an inappropriate design fail in a newspaper or magazine, it just gives it that extra feeling of stupid that we get to savor like a warm bubble bath.
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