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Read on to find out about Shrovetide weddings, the Skellig Lists, Chalk Sunday and other traditions related to marriage and matchmaking. On that day it was a custom to send comic cards to one another. This custom has died out. There were coloured bows of ribbons attached to the corners and little rhymes written under them such as The sender used to valentine matchmaking her name in the middle of the card.

The LDS Temple marriage is considered superior to all other religious marriage ceremonies and must be obtained if you want to be with your spouse in the after life.

Not married in the temple. Kids or babies who die before reaching 8 years old are perfect and automatically get into heaven. Missionaries can curse people by dusting their feet off as a witness to them rejecting the gospel. Satan has power over the oceans, lakes and rivers which is why LDS Missionaries are not allowed to swim. This was never really practiced though. Women who fail to marry in the temple during their life will be assigned a worthy spouse in the hereafter and likely as a sister wife with a harem of women.

God the father is only one of millions valentine matchmaking endless Gods who are all basically relatives, fathers, brothers, grand-gods and so forth to our own God. From the polygamy days, a man had to have at least 2 wives to get into the highest degree of heaven.

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