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Freshman year is a time for a lot of things, from roommate struggles to finding passion in your major, eating too much dining hall food to drinking too much Jungle Juice in a frat house basement. Stuck somewhere in the midst of the freshman year experience is dating, and every college freshman has a very similar dating experience. Dating as a college freshman is messy, confusing, and full of a lot of hormones. Rarely does it involve finding the love of college dating freshman year life, and it almost always involves one too many blocked numbers. Heading to college in the fall?

By Heather Fishel. College dating follows a completely different set of college dating freshman year than any other dating scene. But the dating habits of college students can be cracked and tracked. Here are seven stats that might surprise you about the unpredictable dating scene. College students prefer short-term, casual relationships over long-term relationships because it allows them to focus on their academic and career goals. Sorry, ladies — when it comes to college dating, men have a slight advantage.

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Oh, assuming OP has an account in the home country, be careful about letting sister deposit a check into it.

I had a roommate pay me back once by college dating freshman year a check in my account. It bounced, I got hit with a fee. Paypal transactions are a safer bet. Also, it sounds really bad, but the LW should consider a law suit against the sister for negligence in the matter of setting the kitchen on fire, especially if it ended up costing a security deposit.

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